Monday, October 20, 2014

Queen Gwen Is Gracing Us With New Music

REJOICE! Queen Gwen is BACK! Perhaps she found new inspiration while coaching The Voice - whichever the reason, I am so excited!

Check out the audio of "Baby Don't Lie" - the video will premiere on VEVO tomorrow, but you can catch a sneek-peek tonight on The Voice at 8/7c on NBC.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hunger Is Campaign

Get your tissues ready... what a heartfelt speech by Viola Davis.

"I didn't join the Hunger Is campaign to save the world. I didn't," she said. "I set out to save myself. You know, they say that you're never too old to have a happy childhood and although my childhood was filled with many happy memories it was also spent in abject poverty."

Click HERE to learn more about Hunger Is.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paloma Faith: Listen Now And Thank Me Later

Photo Courtesy: EPIC Records

Let’s talk about Paloma Faith for a second, the red-haired stunner is relatively new to the music scene, and more specific new in the USA market. However, her talent is undeniable, and the UK music business took note.

Paloma Faith already has two fantastic albums under her belt, Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? and Fall To Grace. Her third album titled A Perfect Contradiction will debut in the USA on October 7th.

I was lucky to get an exclusive listen of the new album, and let me tell you; it is one for the books and worth purchasing. Paloma enlisted the likes of Pharrell Williams, Raphael Saadiq and Diane Warren. A Perfect Contradiction, has soulful tracks about the pain of a heartbreak, while also giving us funky tunes, as it is the case with "Can’t Rely On You" which was co-authored with Pharrell.

The music industry in the USA was in desperate need of a powerful voice like Paloma’s. If you love Adele, if you miss Amy Winehouse & Whitney Houston, then Paloma Faith is the artist you will want to listen to. In an era where auto-tune is what makes an “artist” famous, it is so refreshing to come across singers like Paloma Faith.

I have been a huge fan of her music since 2009, and I am ecstatic that she is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

She just started a US tour and will be playing at Slim’s on Monday October 6th. I highly recommend that you get tickets to the show. It will certainly be an intimate show that you simply cannot miss out.

Check out of some of her top tracks below:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Dirtiest Yest Most Romantic Song!

I am pretty much OBSESSED with this song! And, just when I thought it was a dedication to Jordin Sparks, they go and break-up! Whelp!

In any case, the lyrics are so dirty, yet, the melody is so catchy! 

"Is it weird that I hear angels every time that you moan?...Time that you moan. Is it weird that your eyes remind me of a Coldplay song?...Coldplay song"


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Magnificent Music Bliss

Artist Katriona Dean designed and painted this beautiful piano which was placed on a street in Cobourg, Ontario Canada. She was able to capture Michael McNamara and his breathtaking rendition of “Say Something.” There is pure magic when you combine arts and music…and, how cute is the piano's name "Foxgang Amadeus."

For more on Katriona, check out her website, and for info on the "The Keys to Our Town" head over to Cobourg's facebook page.

Friday, August 29, 2014


"and the loneliness get blown away, gimme, gimme symphonies, gimme more than the life I see... I lie down in the dust just under your eye. A scrap of paper, thin as vapor, filling my clothes like smoke, a couple of the wires in my heart are broke. I float, I miss something nothing but dreams, schemes, moments wasted, taste I tasted, fate I'm fated, re-edited again and copy pasted..."


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Case Of Charli XCX

There were tons of up-and-coming artists at the MTV Music Awards this past weekend, but, the ONE artist to watch has got to be Charli XCX. Perhaps her name or even her voice sound familiar, and that is because she is the brains behind Icona Pop’s smash hit “I Love It.” And if you didn’t know that, then you have heard of her from her collaboration with Iggy Azalea on “Fancy.”

While most of you might think that Charli XCX is a new artist, this is most certainly not the case… Charlotte Emma Aitchison started her career doing gigs in underground rave clubs in London when she was barely 14 years old. Charli XCX also wrote her first album then, the album is called 14.

Charli released her second album True Romance in April of 2013, and while it was slightly successful in the UK, it did not break into the top US charts -  I do recommend the track “You – Ha Ha Ha.” Ms XCX has toured with the likes of Marina And The Diamonds, and Ellie Goulding.

Her “real” break was the International success of Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and the now infamous track “Fancy” with Iggy Azalea. But, don’t let these two songs be what you know Charli XCX by, her talent is raw and goes beyond being a mere featured artist. Her song “Boom Clap” is part of the soundtrack for the widely popular movie The Fault Is In Our Stars.

If you caught her VMA performance you probably noted that her outfits are highly influenced by the glorious 90s. Not only was her outfit reminisce of Clueless, but she also notes that some of her biggest influences include: Spice Girls and Queen Britney Spears.

Charli has a new album due to come out October 21st, and it will be titled Sucker – she has already released the first single called “Break The Rules.”

Keep an eye on Ms. XCX because this British gal is here to stay, and she is determined to take the music world by storm. She will be coming to Slim's in San Francisco on October 25th, and tickets are on sale NOW!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

If You Are Going To The On The Run Tour At AT&T Park

Beyonce, Jay-Z
Photo Credit: Robin Harper / Life And Times

Expect quite a treat. I was lucky to be at the show for night one in San Francisco, and I am still mesmerized by what I saw.

Beyonce as a solo artist is powerful beyond words, so is Jay-Z, but together … well, together they are DYNAMITE on stage. One thing everyone noticed was that the rumors on their possible divorce could be palpable on how they delivered certain songs of the repertoire.

Bey got emotional when she performed “Why Don’t You Love Me,” oh and when she belted out JT’s part of “Holy Grail” – EMOTION GALORE! “It's amazing I'm in this maze with you; I just can't crack your code. One day you screaming you love me loud, the next day you're so cold. One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care, you're so unfair…” Beyonce also delivered out of this world performances of "Ex-Factor" (by Lauren Hill), and when she performed “Resentment” everyone was glued to their seats, letting Queen Bey get sentimental.

Jay-Z was a bit less effusive, but when “Song Cry” came on, that’s when you knew he was letting it all out… “I can't see 'em comin down my eyes so I gotta make the song cry…” He even changed part of the lyrics to say “I can’t see ‘em coming down HER eyes so I gotta make the song cry…”

Photo Credit: Robin Harper / Life And Times
There were two key moments from the show, one was how throughout the time that they were on stage together you could sense the tension. But, the most heart-breaking moment was the encore-medley of “Forever Young” and “Halo." The giant screens on stage showed clips of their (private) wedding, as well as clips of Blue Ivy from where she was born to now that she is a toddler. Jay-Z embraced Bey as they were both singing, and looking at the screens. Their feelings were noticeable, Bey was teary-eyed, and Jay-Z looked slightly somber. 

Listen, I witnessed their 2010 Coachella performance of “Forever Young” and it was nothing like what I witnessed at the On The Run Tour. No lie, I started crying! You could tell what a beautiful family and marriage they used to have, and how it was crumbling right in front of our eyes – the rumor mill is most certainly true.

The music aspect and the production were incredibly impressive – both Beyonce and Jay-Z are quite the performers/business/money makers. As a friend said: “Beyonce gave Jay-Z class, and Jay-Z gave Beyonce the hustle and street cred that she needed.”


Monday, August 4, 2014

I’m Not The Only One – No, You Are Not Sam Smith

By now you all already know my downright obsession with Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour is quite possibly one of my favorite albums, say the BEST album of the year. The lyrics of every single song from the album are relatable, as we all have experienced unrequited love, being cheated, and heartbreaks.

The video for the song I’m Not The Only One is perfection! Not only are Dianna Agron and Chris Messina the subjects in the video (as husband and wife), but the story line behind the song is quite heart-breaking. Dianna as the devastated wife being cheated on by Messina, who seems careless as to how his actions are making the marriage crumble.

Sam Smith’s music truly speaks to every fiber of our hearts, this is a fantastic video! 

"You've been so unavailable, now sadly I know why. Your heart is unobtainable, even though Lord knows you have mine..."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Video That You Must Watch: Ojos Color Sol

Calle 13 can do no wrong, whether it is a song with a political message “Multi Viral," a collaboration with another band “No Hay Nadie Como Tu” (featuring Café Tacvba.) Or, giving us “the feels” with their powerful love songs like “La Vuelta Al Mundo.”

Well, they of course have done it again, with the simplistic yet enchanting video for “Ojos Color Sol.” And, with cameos from Gael Garcia Bernal & Maria Valverde, well, this is a bonafide smash hit!

I personally cannot wait to sing along to this song, and luckily for fans, Calle 13 will bring Gira Multiviral to San Francisco on October 10th – make sure to get your tickets, as this show will sell-out!

And now, go on and watch the video, because... a three minute long kiss that’s why.

"Abriste los ojos y el sol guardó su pincel, porque tu pintas el paisaje mejor que él..."

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