Thursday, November 2, 2017

I Got Suspended From Twitter Over the Fury of the Kardashian's Fans

You probably clicked on the link and thought, “Azucena has a blog? Since when?” Well, the story about this blog is best saved for another occasion. The quick version of it is that this baby of mine, The Chronicles of Azu is where I got my start in writing after college, the blog, shelved once I started freelancing and became too busy to dedicate any time to it.

However, alas, my 12-hour suspension from Twitter was reason enough to come back to it.

The whole suspension started when a horrific picture of Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena in her ICONIC purple bodysuit from her last concert at the Houston Astrodome showed up on my feed.

Now, one would think, lots of women dress up as Selena for Halloween, what’s the big deal? Well, said women (myself included) are women of color, with the utmost respect for the legacy that the Tejano Queen left behind. Keke Palmer dressed up as Selena last year and killed it. America Ferrera wore the same purple outfit during the Halloween episode of her NBC comedy show Super Store, and she knocked it out of the park, Kim Kardashian, and Demi Lovato’s version, disrespectful at best.

A post shared by America Ferrera (@americaferrera) on

Not to say that there’s anything wrong with dressing up as a pop culture icon, heck, I have done it. However, Selena is not just a pop culture icon; she represents Mexican-American culture. In her time as a singer, she was the epitome of what Latina beauty meant. During an era when being tall and slender was in, Selena embraced her curves, frowned upon by many. Her long, black locks, at times frizzy contrasted with those blonde perfectly placed locks seen on other women. She represented the, “too Mexican for the US, too American for Mexico.” She was neither entirely American nor Mexican, and this duality of being Mexican-American allowed her to break barriers, her songs in English, participation in Mexican novelas, her reach opened the doors for those who came after her. There would be no Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin or Jennifer Lopez without Selena paving the way.

I was offended by Kim Kardashian’s choice of costume, what does a rich and entitled Armenian-American from Calabasas even know about Selena? Alternatively, the legacy and ever-growing popularity of the Tejano artist? Or the hurdles her and her family went through to break it into the music business. Kim Kardashian was born rich, her wealth catapulted by a sex tape, and reality show. Her choice of dressing up as Selena was to promote herself, to create controversy as she knew people would not be OK with her choice of costume.

One of my tweets ended up embedded in an article posted by Latina Magazine, and my subsequent twitter exchange with the user who initially retweeted Kardashian’s tweet, and exchange with one particular user made my phone almost explode. I went to bed that night unaware of what was waiting for me the following morning.

During my tweet exchange, one of my tweets was reported by Kim Kardashian fans who were angry at me for calling out her costume as cultural appropriation. In the said tweet I did call Kim Kardashian a “hoebag,” an insulting term, sure, but one I stand by.  She and that entire family are absolute trash, and partly to blame for the decadence of our youth.

Ask any Kardashian fan a particular detail about any of the members of the family, and they will spit out an essay. Ask them about who their councilmember, Mayor or governor are, and you will get crickets.

The tweet replies I keep getting go from silly to offensive, although let’s face it, I will not take it to heart if some random person behind a computer calls me a pendeja or a dumb ass hoe. Others, agreeing with calling Kim Kardashian a culture vulture. It’s pathetic for those siding with her even to come out and defend Kim Kardashian, she does not need it, and all these people are part of the fake commodity for her "empire."

I muted the conversation as soon as I got the notification that my account was suspended. I only went back to the thread to grab the screenshots, and people are still tweeting me with insults, boring!

My biggest beef, if you would, is with Twitter, the site has literal WHITE SUPREMACISTS attacking users, sexual predators starting with Donald Trump, and still, Russian bots who infiltrated our election process, yet, Twitter decides that a tweet with the word “hoebag” is a violation of rules? Twitter ought to do better, although we know they will not. These tech giants only care about user engagement and ways in which they can get more money, Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump provide for these two fundamental ways, and they will go at length to preserve their gold mine.

Anyway, this story was just too long for a tweet thread, best explained in a blog post, hence the revival of my baby aka my blog.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Movie Review: You're Killing Me Susana

Golden Globe winner Gael García Bernal is a busy man, he currently stars in the Amazon show Mozart in the Jungle, and he has two films currently in theaters, Neruda, and Me Estas Matando Susana (You’re Killing Me Susana.)

In the latter, we meet Eligio (Gael García Bernal) an actor with a wandering eye, and his wife Susana (Veronica Echegui) who has had enough of his infidelities (a theme that plays throughout the film) and left him.

The movie is incredibly relatable, and at times it makes you feel vulnerable and even frustrated. We have all been there, we think we are still in love, and we do whatever it takes to hold on to a relationship that is no longer fulfilling or beneficial to either.

After Susana leaves him, Eligio goes ballistic trying to find her, and thanks to the wonders of some internet search and investigative skills he finds out that Susana is in Iowa at a University for a writer's workshop. Susana left him to find herself as a writer, to enjoy the solitude that comes with being recently single (although she does benefit from the company of a fellow student, Slawormir.) However, Eligio, like the macho that he is is not going down without a fight, and he leaves his beloved Mexico behind, and his acting career to follow Susan all the way to Iowa. The journey to find her and the trials and tribulations that come with their reunion make the film worth watching.

Eligio and Susana’s relationship is toxic, their dynamic is borderline harmful to their personalities, and the movie takes us on the journey of their dysfunctional dynamic. Is it worth pursuing? Should they be together? You will find the answers to these and other critical questions about their love story in the film.

The movie is out now with showings in Berkeley at Shattuck Cinemas and San Francisco at the Roxie.

Rating: NR
Genre: Art House & International, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directed By: Roberto Sneider
Written By: Roberto Sneider, Luis Cámara
In Theaters: Feb 17, 2017  Limited
Runtime: 102 minutes
Studio: Cuévano Films

Credits: H+M Communications

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

BottleRock: Vernon Davis, KRAVE Jerky, Music and the Arts

I spent my weekend suffering at BottleRock in Napa. I ate, drank, and indulged in a multitude of music acts. You can check out my review of the entire three-day festivities over on the KRON4 site.

Photo Courtesy: KRAVE Jerky

While mingling at the festival I got the chance to interview former 49er and SuperBowl champion Vernon Davis. We talked about his partnership with KRAVE Jerky (which by the way is absolutely delicious!), some of the music on his radar, and the excitement that he'll get to play with the Washington Redskins next season.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

From The Desk OF Azu: Help Me Raise Funds

UPDATE as of 4/24: Thank you for the continued outpour of support. My sister has raised enough funds for her airfare, and her babysitting gigs paid for the deposit needed to get into the program. She still needs to raise money to pay for the rest of cost of the program. Please, take a look at her GoFundMe and read her story. Help me by sharing this post. 

UPDATE! Thank you so much to my former bosses, friends, and strangers who have donated to my sister's GoFundMe. She has to complete her goal by May 6th, so please read her story. Some people asked if they could send her money via paypal instead so she can take full advantage of the funds. Here's the link. Any amount will help her greatly, and will bring her closer to her goal. 

My sister Dalia is one of the most hard-working young women I know. From the moment she turned 16 and was able to work she joined me in the real estate work and took on a position wearing multiple hats, and learned everything about real estate. While most girls her age were working in retail, she was on the phone with bank executives and top-notch real estate agents learning about financing, contracts, and bank owned properties.
Her hustle has taken her far, not only is she paying for her tuition at SFSTATE while working two jobs, she along with her amazing boyfriend James rent an apartment in SF (and we all know how ridiculously expensive that is.)

Dalia was set in applying to nursing school in the Fall, but life had other plans. When our grandma suffered a second stroke last Fall, we experienced first hand the lack of Latino representation in the medical field, and she decided that instead of becoming a nurse, she would pursue becoming a doctor.
She was just accepted into an amazing program that will take her to Peru. AMAPeru is a non-profit organization that provides FREE health care to people in need. While in Peru, Dalia will learn some of the most important skills a doctor needs, while providing help to those less fortunate.
She is currently babysitting on the side to raise the funds she needs for her trip. And this why I'm asking for your help. I understand that we are all going through financial woes, but this is for such an important cause, and even $5 will bring her closer to her goal.
Please take a look at her GoFundMe, and I hope that you find it in your heart to help her achieve her goal. In just a few years, she will become an outstanding doctor who will help make a difference in the world. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gran Hermano: Semifinal

Rafael expulsado.png
La final está cada vez más cerca, a tan solo una semana de la final han sido dos los expulsados de la casa: Rafael Caparroso y Elizabeth Prado, dejando a Domingo, Jommart, Yajayra, y Pedro compitiendo por el premio de $250.000 y por ser el ganador de esta edición de Gran Hermano. La gran final tendrá lugar el domingo 10 de abril por Telemundo a las 8pm/7pm centro.

Elizabeth expulsada.png

Cuando ya son tan pocos luchando por el mismo premio, es fácil que aumenten las tensiones dentro de la casa. Pedro y Domingo, quienes han sido muy amigos desde el día uno, están enfrentados en la recta final. Pedro dice que Domingo juega con las mentes de las personas y no va de cara, Jommart está enfadada con Domingo porque la nominó con 3 puntos y se siente traicionada.

Se nota mucha presión dentro de la casa en esta última semana. ¿Quién quieres que gane Gran Hermano?


Rafael es expulsado por segunda vez de la casa de Gran Hermano.

Elizabeth es expulsada de la casa de Gran Hermano.

No te puedes perder la gran final de Gran Hermano el domingo 10 de abril por Telemundo a las 8pm/7pm centro. También puedes ver la última semana de convivencia entre los habitantes las 24 horas

Gran Hermano es una producción de Endemol Shine Latino.

Photo Credits: Telemundo
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Gran Hermano: Eliminación De Andrea González

Photo Credit: Telemundo

Por primera vez han sido tres mujeres nominadas y Andrea es quien ha perdido la batalla. Andrea González, venezolana de Houston, se ha convertido en la decimoprimera expulsada del programa después de estar 43 días en la casa. Ahora tan solo quedan seis habitantes en la casa y tan solo quedan dos semanas para la gran final.

En la gala de expulsión del domingo 27 de Marzo, Giselle Blondet anuncia como va a funcionar el concurso hasta la final el día 10 de abril: el próximo miércoles es la última gala de nominación y la final será protagonizada por cuatro habitantes, por lo que habrá dos eliminados en la gala de expulsión. Ya no habrá más inmunidad o pruebas del líder.

La tarea de la semana fue propuesta por Rafael Amaya, protagonista de El Señor de los Cielos. Lanzó a los habitantes el reto de recrear algunas escenas de El Señor de los Cielos.
Los siete compañeros unen fuerzas para hacer la tarea semanal y recrear partes de la famosa serie que protagoniza Rafael Amaya en Telemundo.

Los habitantes apostaron el 70% por esta tarea semanal, al final del programa Rafael les comunicó que han aprobado.

Rafael Amaya propone a los habitantes la tarea de la semana:

Los habitantes de Gran Hermano recrean escenas de la serie El Señor de los Cielos:

¿Cuál es la escena que mejor recrearon los habitantes?

No te puedes perder las dos últimas semanas del show por Telemundo:

-       Última Gala de Nominación el miércoles a las 3pm/2pm centro
-       Galas de Expulsión los domingos a las 8pm/7pm centro

También puedes ver dentro de la casa las 24 horas, 7 días de la semana a través de

Gran Hermano es una producción de Endemol Shine Latino.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gran Hermano: Eliminación De Agustín Flores


Foto Cortesia De Telemundo

El domingo 20 de marzo, se llevó a cabo la gala de expulsión de Gran Hermano que se retransmite los domingos en Telemundo a las 8pm ET/7pm CT.

Agustín Flores, jardinero mexicano que vive en Illinois, abandona la casa después de diez semanas. Agustín desde el principio del programa ha sido considerado uno de los posibles ganadores de los 250 mil dólares, pero el público finalmente no lo ha decidido así.

Agustín se caracterizó como el más sensible y sentimental de los hombres de la casa. En varias ocasiones hemos visto a Agustín entre lágrimas y esto ha terminado convirtiéndole en uno de los débiles. Además, sus comportamientos con su novia Elizabeth han tenido consecuencias. Él afirmaba estar enamoradísimo con ella y en una fiesta acabó la noche besándose con Yaya.

Agustín perdió la credibilidad del frente al público. Trató de conquistar el corazón de varias de las mujeres de la casa, sin tener mucho éxito, lo que nunca se supo fue si era parte de su estrategia o sentía verdadera atracción por ellas. Inicialmente trató con Jommart, luego con Carolina y por último se le declaró a Yaya, sin ser correspondido por ninguna de ellas. 

Los habitantes restantes llevan conviviendo 71 días en la casa. ¿Quién crees que será el siguiente expulsado?, ¿Quién quieres que sea el ganador? No dudes en ver la próxima gala de expulsión el domingo 27 de marzo donde sabremos quién será el siguiente en abandonar la casa.

No te pierdas Gran Hermano por Telemundo:
Galas de Nominación todos los miércoles a las 3pm/2pm centro
Galas de Expulsión todos los domingos a las 8pm/7pm centro

Además, puedes ver dentro de la casa las 24 horas, 7 días de la semana a través de

Gran Hermano es una producción de Endemol Shine Latino.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gran Hermano: Eliminación De Maday Velázquez


Photo Credit: Telemundo

El domingo 13 de marzo, se llevó a cabo la gala de expulsión de Gran Hermano que se retransmite los domingos en Telemundo a las 8pm ET/7pm CT.

Maday Velázquez, modelo cubana que reside en Pensilvania, ha sido la novena expulsada de la casa de Gran Hermano tras estar en la casa 64 días. En la gala de la semana anterior, Giselle Blondet pidió permiso a Dante para poder hacer un examen de embarazo a Maday, ayer descubrimos que no tendrá un hijo de Dante.

Dante no hace ni una semana que dejó el concurso y Maday ya se ha besado con Pedro ante las cámaras. ¿Cuál es la opinión de Dante al respecto? Cuando se enfrentan a la salida de Maday de la casa, él afirma de manera irónica que hacen una linda pareja, que Pedro y Maday se complementan.

Después de estar más de dos meses encerrados en la casa, solo quedan ocho concursantes compitiendo por el gran premio. ¿Quién será el siguiente expulsado? ¿Quién crees que llegará a la final?

No te pierdas Gran Hermano por Telemundo:
Galas de Nominación todos los miércoles a las 3pm/2pm centro
Galas de Expulsión todos los domingos a las 8pm/7pm centro

Además, puedes ver dentro de la casa las 24 horas, 7 días de la semana a través de

Gran Hermano es una producción de Endemol Shine Latino.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gran Hermano: Eliminación De Carlos Uriarte

El domingo 21 de Febrero, se llevó a cabo la gala de expulsión de Gran Hermano que se retransmite los domingos en Telemundo a las 8pm ET/7pm CT.

Carlos Uriarte, el corredor inmobiliario mexicano de 27 años que reside en Texas, ha sido el sexto expulsado de la casa de Gran Hermano después de convivir con sus compañeros 43 días. Carlos aportaba gran alegría a la casa, contagió a los habitantes y televidentes sus famosas frases como: “Pow, pow, pow, pow”, “Que no te digan que no te cuenten” y "Usted no sabe quién soy yo".

Hay varias razones por las que Carlos ha sido expulsado, entre ellas sus borracheras o querer tener siempre el control de la casa. Sus compañeros le criticaban ya que cuando tomaba licor hablaba más de la cuenta, e incluso se puso muy agresivo con Pedro. Todo esto ha tenido consecuencias. Es cierto que el habitante disfrutaba tomando cada que había oportunidad, pero hay que abonarle que fue de los únicos que pudo guardar fidelidad a su actual pareja.

Carlos salió de la casa para conocer a Giselle Blondet y reencontrarse con su familia. Al llegar al estudio la presentadora le dio una noticia que nadie se esperaba: Gran Hermano ha decidido cumplir el deseo que ardía en las redes sociales y ofrecer la posibilidad de reingresar en la casa a tres habitantes expulsados, Iselis Arzola, Rafael Caparroso y Carlos Uriarte.

Esta semana ha tenido todo tipo de encuentros amorosos, jugaron botella en el jacuzzi, Andrea y Jason tuvieron su momento de intimidad bajo la cobija, Dante y Maday también disfrutaron de la habitación del líder como regalo a Dante por haber ganado una prueba, Agustín dice estar enamorado de Elizabeth, Yajayra y Jason acabaron la noche juntos después de la fiesta de los espartanos.

Jason, por ser quien cogió el teléfono rojo, tiene que estar en silencio hasta el miércoles. Tiene que llevar un cartel colgando que pone “No puedo hablar, las consecuencias pueden ser graves”.

Así se despidió Carlos de los demás habitantes al perder la votación entre sus tres compañeros también nominados:

No te pierdas Gran Hermano por Telemundo:
·         Galas de Nominación todos los miércoles a las 3pm/2pm centro

·         Galas de Expulsión todos los domingos a las 8pm/7pm centro

Además, puedes ver dentro de la casa las 24 horas, 7 días de la semana a través de

Gran Hermano es una producción de Endemol Shine Latino.

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