Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Haciendo Historia – Because Only The Best Ones Make History

Jorge Medina, El Mexicano Presents, San Jose Convention Center
Photo Credit: Banda El Recodo

Lately, I’ve been playing nothing but Banda El Recodo, it could be that their songs reflect what my muscle of blood (aka my heart) is going through.

Thankfully, the guys of El Recodo are currently on a very extensive tour called Haciendo Historia (Making History), and they will play a show here in the Bay. The venue of choice, San Jose’s Convention Center, this Saturday April 19th. I highly suggest that if you want to see them live this time around, get your tickets now! The show is a guaranteed SELL-OUT.

With a name like Banda El Recodo, and with their record of over 76 years in the music business, the guys aren’t safe from controversy. Just a few weeks ago, Jorge Medina from La Arrolladora Banda El Limon gave an interview in which he said that those who have been lead singers of El Recodo, end up not doing anything with their music careers once they leave the band. He even dared to say that it was a “curse” to be part of El Recodo. He later apologized for what he had said, but the damage was done, the guys of El Recodo did not take Medina’s interview lightly.

And, let’s face it, if there is a band/group that has withstood the test of time, the changes in the music industry, changes within the organization, and more – well, Banda El Recodo, they are the ones who have.

Let the haters hate, ultimately, it is the fan base who decides who is boss in the music world. Recodo’s last two videos combine over 40 million youtube visits, the band is as popular as ever. And, I don’t foresee them going anywhere but the top - they are Mexico & Sinaloa’s music royalty.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on singing along these two songs come Saturday night…

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Somos - Spain And Oakland Under One Roof

All Photos Courtesy Of: Claudia Guzman

Jarabe De Palo made a triumphant return to Oakland, and there was no better place for the band to introduce their new album Somos than The New Parish.

And with a sold-out crowd, Pau Donés and company made the crowd sing-along to classics such as "Depende", "Lado Oscuro", "Dejame Vivir", "Agua", "La Flaca", "Bonito." And, since the tour is promoting the new album, the fans got a first listen of songs such as "Hoy No Soy Yo", "Tu No Sabes Quien Soy", (my personal favorites), "Bala Perdida", "A Donde Vas", and many more. The concert went on well past midnight, and it was worth staying up late on a workday.

Prior to the show, I had the opportunity to chat with Pau Donés, we talked about the new album, the band’s almost two decades in the music industry, and much more.

music, Somos, Spain, Oakland, The New Parish

My interview (in Spanish) below, for more on Jarabe De Palo, check out the band’s twitter, website, or facebook. The album Somos is out now and you can find it on amazon & itunes.


Credits: Nacional Records

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Latino Filmmaking – Si Se Puede!

Diego Luna is currently on an extensive tour promoting the up-coming film Cesar Chavez which is set to be released on March 28th in theaters across the country.

I had the privilege of having a sit-down interview with Diego to talk about the film, and the many challenges behind bringing the film to the big screen.

"There Should Be Content (Films) That Represent Us"
Diego Luna 

If we want more films of substance to be produced, then we have to show support, and let Hollywood know that we are a force to be reckon with.

Cesar Chavez will be in theaters on March 28th – please go out and support this great film. 

"If We Fight Indifference Things Will Happen" 
Diego Luna

"Change Will Never Come If We Are Not Part Of It"
Diego Luna


Credits: H+M Communications

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Of Love And Heartbreak

Music transports you, this much we know – and when it comes to love and heartbreak, music is the one outlet to let your emotions run free.

Lately I’ve been on an “of love and heartbreak” memento, and I want to share with you the songs that have made me cry over my broken heart, and those that make me wish I had a great love who can whisper sweet things in my ear (BARF! Ok, that was way too cheesy!)

Anyway... what are your “of love and heartbreak” songs?

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