Sunday, June 13, 2010

Electropop at its finest, courtesy of Moenia.

Back in 2007, little ole’ me was a struggling college student trying to make my way into the entertainment business as a reporter. One of the first opportunities I was given was by my Union Rocker fam bam and it was to interview Alfonso Pichardo (Poncho) lead singer of Moenia. Oh boy was I nervous! Yes, Azu was very, extremely nervous. I have to say that he was super sweet and very accessible, at the time the band was finishing up their tour before taking a break to focus on individual projects.
Luckily for Moenia fans, the band recently released a new CD titled En Eléctrico. In late April I had the pleasure of chatting with Poncho over the phone during the radio show that I am part of (Sábado Loco, every Saturday from 8-10PM on iFM 104.9FM in the Bay Area.)

During the phone conversation Poncho talked about the new CD which features hits that the band previously recorded but with a fresh and new sound. The band used a lot of vintage synthetizers and the entire album was recorded during an intimate concert aimed for Moenia’s biggest fans. The album features several collaborations one of which is the one with María José for the song called No Importa Que El Sol Se Muera. If you want to check out the entire interview, go to Union Rocker’s website.

The band will be touring over the summer and Poncho told me that San Jose, CA. it’s one of the cities they definitely want to visit. Let’s hope that is the case! 
Here’s the video to the song No Importa Que El Sol Se Muera featuring  María José. Don’t forget to check out Moenia’s website for up-to-date tour info. 

Credits: Seitrack/Ocesa
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