Friday, January 28, 2011

Food, Comedy and Rock & Roll!


I am pretty much obsessed with the Food Network and most recently with the Cooking Channel; whenever I watch TV I often focus on those channels. A few months ago a new show started on the Cooking Channel called Bitchin’ Kitchen and from the first episode I was hooked!

The show features Nadia Giosia, a spunky Italian gal who whips up unexpected, yet delicious concoctions as well as hysterical tips for your daily life (from impressing your in-laws, rockstar recipes to break up meals.) Nadia along with her crew: Panos, Hans & Spice Agent entertain millions of households in Canada & the United States. The Bitchin’ Kitchen concept started as a web series and slowly but surely broke mainstream and the show’s fan base grows every day.


I had the opportunity to sit-down with Nadia during her recent visit to San Francisco where she participated in the ZAP Festival. She took the time from her busy agenda to talk to me about everything, from how she got started, her love of fashion & music and she even answered questions that fans tweeted to me before the interview. If you tweeted a question, listen to the interview to catch Nadia’s answer.


  Interview with Nadia G from Bitchin' Kitchen by thechroniclesofazu

Credits: The Brooks Group
Photo Credits: Bitchin' Kitchen
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