Friday, September 30, 2011

Jiggy Drama – The Nerd Crossing Fronteras

A few days ago, I had a candid conversation with Colombian singer Jiggy Drama, whose real name is Heartan Lever Criado. He happened to be strolling around gorgeous Central Park while awaiting to do some promotion for his latest album titled Nerdside. When you listen to Jiggy, you expect the typical urban-artist style, the baggy jeans, and the bling but instead, Jiggy is a sexy nerd. His unexpected style is a breath of fresh air for what some people consider to be overrated music and artists (genero urbano).
Although Jiggy Drama is originally from Colombia, he grew up listening to American R&B and hip-hop artists, from Jay-Z, The Fugees, Mos Def and even Will Smith – from where he cleverly took the name “Jiggy” (remember Will Smith’s song Gettin’ Jiggy With It which was very popular in the late 90s) Jiggy has flow; he is a lyricist true to form and he is taking the music world by storm. Even if you do not understand Spanish, his music and sounds will make you want to move. 

Nerdside is already available on iTunes, the second single from the album is called La Fuga and the first single, La Flaka, is quite contagious. 
Check out my bilingual interview with Jiggy Drama, where he talks about the artists who influence his music, who he would like to collaborate with and much more:

   Entrevista Con Jiggy Drama by thechroniclesofazu

Credits: Azul Public Relations
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