Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Rise And Fall Of Occupy Oakland

After an approximate 2.4 million dollars (about $500,000 today alone), the Oakland Police Department finally evicted (for the second time) all of the protestors out of Frank Ogawa Plaza.

The City of Oakland, already financially strained and flooded with violence has had to deal with the protestors and those who, unfortunately, jumped on the bandwagon and came in to the city to cause chaos and destruction.

If the 99% want to make their voices heard, why do it by hurting the very same people who are in their same situation. It is unfair for the City Of Oakland to have to close down 8 schools because of lack of funding, but have to pay 2.4 million dollars in damages done by the protestors. It is also unfair for local businesses around Frank Ogawa Plaza to lose revenue because their shops have to close due to the protestors, and it is also unfair for middle class people to show up to work late because public transportation has been halted due to the protestors.

In the end, don’t we all contribute in one way or another to corporate greed? We ALL use phones to communicate, tweet and email (phone carriers and  the retailers are corporations), we all shop for food, clothes and more. We all use gas for transportation (petroleum industry – probably the most evil of all corporations.) While I respect everyone’s point of view; I am not OK with what I saw today, the once beautiful Frank Ogawa Plaza, smelled of body odor, pee and other unrecognized smells.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, here are the pictures that I was able to snap with my cell phone while I was there earlier today.

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