Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don’t Trust The Summer House By The River!

If you are looking for the PERFECT movie to go watch this weekend, you should go check out Silent House. I had the opportunity to attend a press screening, and let me tell you, the movie was scary, psychologically twisted and filled with “did that just happen?” moments.

The movie is a remake of Uruguay’s La Casa Muda, the American version starts Elizabeth Olsen (yes, Olsen twins’ younger sister). This film, is directed by Chris Kentis & Laura Lau, written by Laura Lau & produced by Agnes Mentre & Laura Lau.

Elizabeth Olsen gives such a believable performance; she has her silent screaming down to the wire. Although the movie is not long, it is long enough to draw the audience into what is going on, the crazy twists and all of the suspense that surrounds the creepy old Summer house by the river. There were so many nerve-wracking moments, and moments when you would whisper to yourself, why is she doing that? Why did she go back in the house? Why is she losing the keys? I love scary movies and Silent House delivered to my loving for the genre. I left the screening scratching my head literally mumbling, “what?, was that a crazy, psycho story or what?” 

Silent House comes out this Friday March 9th, don’t forget to head over to the movie theatre to check it out. You will never look at a Summer house by a river the same way ever again!

For kicks and giggles, check out this clip that tells us why Latinos are not casted in scary/horror films.

Photo Credits: American Entertainment Marketing
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