Saturday, September 29, 2012

Venezuela Represent!

Los Amigos Invisibles, a band from Venezuela that has been together since the early 90’s made a stop in Oakland and graced the stage at The New Parish, and let me tell you, the band brought IT! There is something to be said about musicians who are able to bring down the house, and put everybody in attendance to sing, jump, dance and have a grand ole’ time. 

Candelaria from Oakland was the band in charge of opening the concert – if you like cumbia, then Candelaria is a band you oughta know. The band was formed in Oakland, and with the female vocals of Stephani Garcia Candelaria, the band comes together to put on a terrific performance and make people sing and dance.

I was excited to check out Los Amigos Invisibles, they have play in the Bay Area so many times, and I had missed them every single time. I was so impressed with their music, stage presence and their ability to play non-stop and convey everyone to sing and dance non-stop – their sound is eclectic, a sexy mix of acid jazz, disco, pop and rock. Los Amigos Invisibles were simply incredible! And, I can clearly see why they have been around for over two decades now. Some of the songs that were part of the repertoire for the night were: Ultrafunk, Sexy, Mentiras, Ponerte  En Cuatro, Yo No Se, Cuchi Cuchi among many others – the band played for well over two hours and all of those who were at The New Parish did not want them to stop playing, that is how incredibly sensational their set was – Venezuela was in the house!

Once the show was over, a lot of the fans continue partying next door at Rock Steady, the new-up and coming bar/gallery adjacent to The New Parish. If you happen to visit Oakland, The New Parish and Rock Steady have to be two of the places on your list.

In all, both Candelaria & Los Amigos Invisibles played a phenomenal show, Oakland, Venezuela and Latin music were well represented.

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