Friday, December 28, 2012

El Regimen Sinaloense: A Band You Oughta Know!

A few years ago, a friend told me about a local band formed in Hayward, and that they were doing weekend shows at a restaurant/bar near my place. It was back in early 2009 when I found out about El Regimen Sinaloense.

The guys who are members of El Regimen Sinaloense, are all from around the Bay Area, and they came together to create a harmonious blend of music, and pay homage to the traditional Regional Mexicano music genre. These guys were not only exposed to “American” music, but thanks to their multi-cultural upbringings, they were able to grow up loving a terrific, yet sometimes underrated music genre.

I have seen the guys play several times, most recently at their show in San Francisco where they joined Will “El Gavachillo” (from Ozomatli on stage.) I had the opportunity to crash one of the guys’ rehearsals, where I got them to talk about their latest CD album titled  "En Vivo Rancheras Con Tololoche Vol.1.”

Check out my interview with the guys, and download their latest CD. You can also learn more information about the band, their up-coming gigs and more on their website, facebook or twitter.

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