Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh Kim Kardashian, You Got Owned!

While I believe that dissing exes is never a good idea, some celebrities just need to get it (a reality check of some sort.) And, Kim Kardashian has one coming her way.

The latest diss for the socialite-turned-reality tv-celebrity comes from her ex-boyfriend Ray J. The latest music video for his song “I Hit It First” is ALL Kim-K from beginning to end. What can I say, does she seriously believe that her sex-tape will be swept under a rug, and people will forget about it? Think again…

I have a problem with “celebrities” who become rich and famous over something as ridiculous and mundane as a sex tape, especially when such celebrity does NOTHING, ZERO to help others, and instead indulge in over-the-top unnecessary stuff.

So, sorry Ms. Kardashian, but you had it coming!

I leave you with… “I Hit It First” (single available on itunes now.)

Video Courtesy: Ray J's VEVO channel
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