Thursday, June 13, 2013

Texas History 101

By now you all have read, watched, and tweeted about the unfortunate racist situation that Mexican-American singer Sebastien De La Cruz endured.  Just like I did, you also read in disgust the tweets that flooded across social media.

I was so disgusted while reading the tweets! it baffles me that in this year and time, there are still so many people who are extremely uneducated about the history of our great nation, and racist beyond reasoning. Is it possible that these “Americans” are so oblivious about the history of the USA? On how immigrants helped built the nation? Call me a crazy liberal, but not only did I pay attention in History class, but my momma and my grandma taught me right- they taught me about respect towards others regardless of race and beliefs. The “Americans” bashing on 11-year old Sebastien, clearly were not brought up right.

So, in disgust of those uneducated individuals (who by the way give us Americans a bad rep) here’s some Texas history 101. Please share it with those you (unfortunately) know, who share the same sentiment as the racist trolls on twitter, or with someone who perhaps simply do not know how Texas was at some point (and shockingly to many) Mexican territory.

Cramp Course starts...NOW!

1   - Texas (Tejas) means “allies” or “friends” and during the Spanish colonial era was known as: Nuevo Reino de Filipinas: La Provincia de Texas (try saying that three times)

2   - There are three known indigenous cultures which at some point lived in Texas: civilization of Mesoamerica, Mississippian Culture & Pueblo

3   - What we now know as the Lone Star state was once French, Spanish & Mexican territory - The timeline goes a little something like this:

French Texas
Spanish Texas
Mexican Texas
Republic of Texas
Civil War era

In 1821, the people of Mexico FREED from Spanish colonization, and became the new country of Mexico. The temporary constitution established was known as Plan De Iguala (“Plan of the Three Guarantees”) and it re-affirmed three key points: Mexico’s Independence, the establishment of Catholicism, and…. *DRUM ROLL* social equality for ALL ethnic groups (citizenship rights for ALL races) WHAAAAAAAAAA???? 

In 1821 & 1827, American Presidents tried to lure the Mexican Presidents into selling Texas, both Mexican Presidents declined the offers.

Sadly, in 1836, and under the government of Mexican President Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna – Texas signed a Declaration Of Independence, and the Republic Of Texas was born. Finally, and after much political revolts, in 1845, Congress admitted Texas to the U.S. as a constituent state of the Union.

Well, uneducated peeps, there you have it… shockingly, Texas has had Mexican residents since its French colonization days. I am quite positive that Sebastien’s descendants have been Texans for many, many generations. If you don’t believe me, just ask actress Eva Longoria – in an interview, she once said “my family didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us…” when referring to the Longoria’s  being Texans for many generations.

Please, think before you tweet – at the end of the day, the racist & clearly uneducated remarks, and the horrific grammar with statements such as “your not American” make YOU look like the biggest MORON this country has ever seen!

In honor of Sebastien, and all of those who are very proud of him – let’s relieve his glorious rendition of OUR National Anthem (let’s face it; he actually knows ALL of the lyrics, something I’m pretty sure his racists counterparts don’t.)

And his ENCORE of today's game...

Credits: Wikipedia & Xsounders youtube page


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