Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sway: An Oakland Icon And A Personal Hero

“shit ain’t easy for nobody in Oakland…”

“the best part of the journey is when I’ve been broke…”

“soon, the people running Oakland are gonna run us out of here… we gotta invest in our 

Sway is a personal hero of mine. I have looked up to him since day one. Back when I used to record his KMEL radio shows on a beat-up boombox with tapes that my mom used to buy me from Walgreens.

Whenever I feel down, or feel that my professional life is going south, that is when I reach out to Sway’s show, and it enlightens me and puts me back on track.

He is the DEFINITION of an Oakland hustler, from growing up in the Murder Dubbs (like myself) to MTV, to interviewing President Obama, to SiriusXM radio. The best trait about him is that he has never forgotten his roots. He is still down for the town, and his visit at PLANK during SuperBowl weekend proved that.

Thank you Sway for being of the greatest voices from Oakland, thank you personally for inspiring me to follow my dreams, to never give up, and thank you for being the one who taught me to love hip-hop.

I leave you guys with part one of the shows that broadcast from Oakland, where Mayor Libby Schaff declared February 4th as Sway Calloway Day In Oakland. Also, check out the interviews with his grandma, his mom, and his brother and sister.

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