Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Fascinating World Of The Drug Cartel

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There are very few movies that leave me wanting more, and El Cartel De Los Sapos (The Snitch Cartel) did just that.

The movie which was originally a book, turned into a mini-series, and was written by Andres Lopez Lopez better known as “Florecita.” He used to be a member of the Colombian cartel “Cartel Norte Del Valle.”  Andres left his cartel ties behind and became a successful writer.

The film just premiered in the the United States, and the acting in the movie is simply superb! You have talent such as Oscar nominated Mexican actress Adriana Barraza (Babel), Colombian actor Manolo Cardona, Mexican actor Kuno Becker, amongst others.

The film based on the book by the same name loosely tells the story of the members of the Cali Colombian cartel “Cartel Norte Del Valle,” focusing the story on Martin “Fresita” Gonzalez whose real name is Andres “Florecita” Lopez Lopez, his rise and fall, and the love story between him and the love of his life “Sofia.” The Snitch Cartel was filmed in locations such as Cali, Buenaventura Colombia, Mexico City, Tijuana, New York and Miami. 

The Snitch Cartel is by far, one of the BEST movies I’ve seen this year, it could be that I find the drug cartel world to be utterly fascinating, or perhaps it is due to the fact that this movie is just as good, if not better than the movie Blow (Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz.) Or, perhaps the superb selection in the acting department, the production, and the script which made the movie so enjoyable.

I’ll leave you with the trailer, which gives you a brief snippet of how magnetizing this movie seriously is.

Production: 11:11 Films.
Cast:  Manolo Cardona, Juana Acosta, Diego Cadavid, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Kuno Becker, Tom Sizemore, Adriana Barraza, Robinson Diaz.
Director: Carlos Moreno.
Screenwriters: Luiso Berdejo, Juan Camilo Ferrand, Andres Lopez.
Producers:  Manolo Cardona, Juan Carlos Caicedo, Juancho Cardona, Francisco Cardona, Alex Garcia.
Director of photography:  Mateo Londono.
Production designer: Jaime Luna.
Music: Carlo Siliotto.
Costume designer: Ximena Bessolo.
Editor: Jorge Macaya.

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