Sunday, August 8, 2010

If You Were A Crayon Which Color Would You Be?

How many stories to do hear about bands that started out of a garage? Well, The Coloring is one of those bands. I met Josh & Cesar in 2004 when they used to have awesome jam sessions at a friend’s place in the East Bay and that’s how the project The Coloring was born. Unfortunately, a tragic accident took the life of one of the members Cy Cuyoung and the whole project was put on hold.
I lost contact with Josh & Cesar and it wasn’t until last year when we crossed paths again. I found out that the guys had started a new project in 2008 called The Mitchell Experiment. I was fortunate to see them performed at Blake’s and I was very impressed.  The Mitchell Project Experiment had their last show on Saint Patrick’s Day last year at Bottom Of The Hill (what a bad ass venue right?) The members parted ways and Josh and Cesar returned to the original project they had left behind.

I’ve had several conversations with Josh about The Coloring and I think that with perseverance the project will again take off once again. A few weeks ago Josh shared with me a video of The Coloring produced by Slandro Champions; I’d like to share it with all of you.

As a Bay Area Native I think it is important to support local talent, whether they are friends of yours, a band already popular or up-and-coming. Stay tuned, because the next few blogs will be dedicated to awesome Bay Area bands.

The Coloring - Black & White (acoustic) from Slandro Champions on Vimeo.

Credits: Slandro Champions & Josh Silva
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