Monday, August 9, 2010

Ska, “Pocho” style!

I love discovering new music & new bands and I have to say that in the last few years I’ve met some pretty awesome peeps who work in the music industry. I previously mentioned to you all about The Coloring and it just so happens that it was through them that I met Tony from the band Jokes For Feelings.
I had put together a small show in San Jose last year and due to unforeseen circumstances, the band The Mitchell Experiment couldn’t play the show and Tony’s band Three Drinks Away From Love came to save the day.  

Tony later told me about another project that he was part of, a ska band called Jokes For Feelings. I have to say that ska music has never been my forte, it is definitely not my area of expertise, but when the music is so catchy like the sounds of Jokes For Feelings, how can anyone resist? Their sound is a mix of ska, punk, rock & latin jazz.
They currently have two self released EP’s called "One Of Us Sucks” & "The Sleeping Giant" and are super busy with several shows all over the Bay. If you like ska, then you most definitely need to check out their music, or even if you are like me and are not familiar with ska music, Jokes For Feelings will make you want to dance.

The guys will be playing a show at Gilman on Friday August 27th alongside Rudo Movimiento, Dezu, La Noche Oskura and directly from LA La Banda Skalavera. For more info about the band and their up-coming shows, check out their myspace music page.

Credits: & Tony Acosta
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