Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nachos & Mexico City Love

Earlier today I had a TV assignment with my Union Rocker fam bam. I was scheduled to interview Mexican rock band DLD (formerly known as Dildo.) Although I don’t get nervous about doing interviews I always think about whether or not that particular band or artist will be friendly or accessible.

DLD is currently on a promotional tour in lieu of their 4th CD titled Por Encima (Above) and their promotional tour took them to places like TJ, Salinas, LA, Las Vegas and others. This morning they had a meet and greet with fans and the press at a restaurant in Santa Clara called Mexicali Grill.

I was so pleased to have attended the meet and greet, despite the fact that the guys were exhausted from the show the night before they were such good sports, they did not put a time limit on the interview, they interacted with everyone in attendance, took pictures and were beyond nice with us (the press.) Bands and artists don’t often realize that they are at the top of the fame game because of their fans, without them buying their CDs and attending their concerts they would be irrelevant in the music industry and also to the press.

The guys from DLD treated us great, after the meet and great we even had lunch with them. I mean, who can say that you shared nachos and beers with a bad ass band who, mind you played at Vive Latino and outnumbered none other than Deftones during their simultaneous presentation at the Mexican festival (which is the equivalent to Coachella.)

DLD will play the Teatro Metropolitano in Mexico City and plan to come back to the Bay in November, don’t forget to check out their music on myspace, you can also check out their youtube page and watch their podcasts. If you want to buy their latest CD Por Encima, check out this site.

As the meet and great came to an end, I sat down with Francisco Familiar (lead singer and guitarist) and he took the time to chit chat with me about the band. For all my Spanish speaking readers, check out my chit chat with Francisco (over nachos and beer), enjoy!

  Entrevista con Paco de DLD by themusicchroniclesofazu

Credits: Union Rocker, DLD Mexico & Mexicali Grill
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