Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music Is Therapy For Your Brain, Soul And Exercise Routine

I was on an absolute “procrastinator mode” all summer and worked out probably 4 times (if that), well, fall is upon us and that means that Halloween is around the corner and we all know what that means…. skimpy costumes galore! I include myself in the masses that will be shopping for or creating a bad ass costume and if we want to fit in that awesome costume we have to find the inspiration to work out and eat healthier.

As part of my inspiration plan I came across a very, very useful site for us chicks on the road of exercise & healthier living. You all need to check out Bellas Ellas, an incredible site tailored to Latin women that feature “latin-friendly” recipes, exercise routines and an easy tracking progress report. Most diet & exercise sites I’ve come across are quite depressing and instead of motivate me they make me not want to work out.
As I was creating my personal profile on the Bellas Ellas site. I was also looking at my ipod and browsing through my current “workout music” playlist and I noticed that it has not been updated at all! It is quite a shame since I am a music blogger after all. The playlist only has 30 songs, out of which when working out I probably only listen to about 10 of them. David Guetta is a MUST HAVE, Pitbull, LMFAO, some Beyonce and N.E.R.D is what U now have. I am currently searching through my music collection in hope that I will find more “help-me-get-inspired-and-not-quit-this-dumb-treadmill-machine” type of music.

What are your suggestions for my “workout music” playlist? Any help would be appreciated and while you send me some suggestions, check out the Bellas Ellas site and create your profile.  

Credits: Bellas Ellas, Araceli Valdes
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