Monday, June 14, 2010

If you are craving awesome 80s covers, you gotta check out María José!

If you are like me, then you most likely grew up in a bilingual household, listening to 80s and 90s English music while also enjoying the guilty pleasures of Spanish Music. If so, then, perhaps you were drawn to catchy pop music like that of Mexican pop band Kabah. Who doesn’t remember La Calle De La Sirenas, Al Pasar and Amor De Estudiante? (among many of Kabah’s pop tunes.)

Well, fast forward to the year 2007 and that’s when one of Kabah’s members María José debut her first solo project titled María José. During her promotion stint, she made a stop in Sunnyvale, CA. opening for Mexican band Motel. The first single from her solo debut was Quién Eres Tú which featured none other than "sexy-six-pack" Trey Songz (yes, the one who sings Say Aah.)

In May of last year she came out with her sophomore album titled Amante De Lo Ajeno where she covers some pretty amazing 80s classics (tell your mom about her CD, trust me, she’ll want to buy it.) The CD features songs like Mi Amor, Amor (song made famous by singer and novela star Lucia Mendez), Adelante Corazón (also made famous in the voice of Daniela Romo) and No Soy Una Señora (made famous by naturalized Venezulean singer Melissa.)

So, if you like some good ole’s 80s Spanish songs, then buy Maria Jose’s new CD. Check out her twitter, facebook, myspace and her official website for more info and tour dates. She will be coming by the Bay Area at the end of June for Pride in SF so stay tuned!

Meantime, here’s her new music video from the single Adelante Corazón, enjoy!

Credits: Seitrack/Ocesa
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