Monday, June 28, 2010

The Latin flavor at Pride was HOT, HOT!

This past weekend the city of San Francisco commemorated the 40th anniversary of the internationally famous Pride Festival. Since it was the 40th year, the theme was appropriately called “40 and Fabulous” and fabulous it was. For two days, the city was filled with tons of people from all over the world, amusing characters, fun vibe and infectious music.

The music was a pleasure to your ears; the sounds were all over the musical spectrum. On the main stage and as Grand Marshalls were none other than the Backstreet Boys (yes believe it or not they are still around and the gay community LOVES them.)  As with most festivals, the latin music also took center stage and on the latin stage (sponsored by Club Papi & Granda Entertainment) were none other than
María José & Edith Marquez. I had already told you guys about María José, she is awesome live and she came to Pride along Edith Marquez to perform for the gay community.

Maria Jose pumped the crowd with songs from her second album Amante De Lo Ajeno and she also did renditions of classics from Kabah. She also performed a duet with Edith Marquez, the song called Cosas Del Amor.

 During a small intermission I had the chance to chit chat with Maria Jose in her trailer, for all my Spanish speaking readers, check out the interview below, enjoy!


Entrevista a Maria Jose en el festival Pride de SF by themusicchroniclesofazu

Credits: Vesper PR
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