Sunday, September 19, 2010

What It Feels like to Be a Tween All over Again (a decade later)

I am the oldest of six siblings so inevitably as I grew older I kept my inner kid near and never quite walked away from “kid’s music.” As a teenager I was obsessed with N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and the likes.  As my siblings grew a bit older, the new generation of Disney Stars emerged. You can’t deny that you have not heard Hannah Montana aka “Miley-Slutty-Cyrus-who-can’t-be-tamed”, Hilary Duff (so yesterday), Demi Lovato , Selena Gomez and the BIGGEST star of them all, the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers brought their Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam to the Shoreline Amphitheatre this past Saturday and my two youngest siblings were dying to go. As the great sister that I am (and because I secretly wanted to sing along the songs from Camp Rock and the Jonas Brothers) I bought tickets and took them to their first concert ever! 

Oh dear! The surprise that was waiting for me….. The teens (and not so teens) from Camp Rock 2 were not the greatest. I must say the movies are really cute but the live act was quite a disaster. I actually like Miss Demi Lovato, unfortunately her “singing skills” are not the best, needless to say that she doesn’t need to worry about writing a speech for a Grammy award, awful singing aside the tweens in attendance had a blast. They all sang along the songs (I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many kids & tweens screaming at once.)

The second surprise of the night was the awesome performance from the Jonas Brothers. I didn’t know what to expect, my teenage sister had gone to their show at the HP Pavillion in San Jose last year and she was blown away, thanks to her I started listening to them and went as far as to adding their music to my ipod and watched both Camp Rock movies. This trio of “virginal” brothers was such a pleasant surprise to my ears. They DO play instruments and have quite lovely voices when singing live. I will admit that I sang along to almost every single song of their set and my absolute favorite is Love Bug (yes I am not embarrassed to say that this twenty-some-year-old chica enjoys the Jonas Brothers music.)

In addition to touring, the Jonas Brothers have teamed up with & Allstate “X the TXT” by playing baseball with a team called Road Dogs and joining forces to have teens pledge against texting and driving. During the game, fans can join the Jonas Brothers and take the pledge by adding their thumbprint to a banner that will be traveling with the “Road Dogs” tour. Participants will receive “TXTNG KLLS” thumb bands to wear as a reminder of their commitment. Throughout the game, fans will also have the opportunity to win a meet and greet with the Jonas Brothers or autographed t-shirts. Demi Lovato has also joined a great cause by teaming up with Clean & Clear and Do to start a movement called "Join The Surge" to encourage teens to give back to their community.

Overall, the concert was lovely, my youngest siblings were satisfied and I got my Jonas Brothers fix. 

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