Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Whole Lotta Britney

Britney Spears is currently doing appearances to promote her 7th album called Femme Fatale. One of those promotional stops included her GMA appearance which aired today on ABC but was pre-taped this past Sunday at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco.

I was unable to attend because ABC denied my press credentials (care to explain why you wouldn’t allow up-and-coming reporters to attend the show ABC???) Although I was unable to go I did keep up with all the tweets that mentioned Britney’s performance.

I was so shocked to read so many negative reviews about her 3-song performance, one of the comments that irk me the most was from blogger Perez Hilton who (and I quote) posted the following on his website: “The Britney that used to be able to dance fiercely is no longer. We're not exactly sure why she's gone, but - like we've said before - we'd love to find out!” I was quite infuriated and immediately tweeted him to voice my opinion against his statement. Let’s face it, he is no one to talk and although I also praise Lady Gaga for being talented, well, she is not the greatest dancer, yet Perez finds no flaws in her “dance” performances.

Here’s my take, Britney Spears has not done live performances in years, her last tour Circus was back in 2009 (it was fabulous! I attended the show in San Jose and can testify on how awesome it was.) I’d like to see all those people smashing her performances sell tours worldwide, have two kids, have a mental breakdown, put their lives back together and face critics and see if they can perform in front of thousands of people. 

Britney is fierce! She is no longer that shy teenager who burst into the scene back in the late 90’s, she is now a grown woman mother of two who is doing a fantastic job with her new CD.  If she would have done an elaborate and perhaps “risqué” performance, the critics would have panned her anyway, precisely because she is a mom who should not be doing those type of performances. Either way, to her critics she clearly won’t win.

However, to her fans, Britney is still and will always be the reigning Queen of Pop. She could just sit through an entire concert and people would still pay to see her. Why? Because she is Britney Spears, she has paved her way to a very successful music career and that despite the many obstacles she has faced, the support system behind her has helped her pull through and back to the top.

Britney – your fans LOVE AND ADORE YOU and wish you nothing but more success. We are all looking forward to an amazing tour and to many more albums to come.Your fans are rooting for you! SHUT DOWN the critics and continue being fierce and exude your confidence, you are THE ONE and ONLY Britney Spears!

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