Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ah! The Greatness Of Spanish Electro-Pop

One of the best things about being raised in a bilingual household is the variety of music that one gets exposed to. When I was young, I would sit around the living room with my grandma to watch Sabado Gigante and Siempre En Domingo. It was while watching those shows that I discovered my love for Spanish music.
Sentidos Opuestos caught my eye right away because I am a sucker for pop music- their sound was innovative for the early 90’s, it was fresh and catchy, and it wasn’t long before Alessandra and Chacho gained popularity in the music industry.

Like with most, the duet took time apart (about ten years) to focus on other projects – luckily for their fans, Sentidos Opuestos has embarked on a return to the stage, and San Francisco was one of the stops for the reunion tour. The show took place at The Regency Ballroom, and despite the fact that it was on a Sunday night, the real fans came to support Alessandra and Chacho. Alessandra looked flawless! It is clear that marriage has done her good (she is married to Mexican comedian/actor Eugenio Derbez.) Chacho was friendly, and both of them mingled with the audience as each performance was cheered on.

The repertoire showcased some of their classics such as "¿Dónde están?" "Mirame", "Fuego Y Pasion", "Tu Y Yo", "Amor De Papel", and the fans could not be happier. The entire audience was singing along, dancing, and were mesmerized by the great chemistry between Alessandra and Chacho, it was like their decade apart never even happened.

The duet will continue with the promotion of their latest release titled Zona Preferente.

Padrisimo Magazine will bring Moenia to San Jose, for more information about the show, checkout the event page.

Credits: Padrisimo Magazine

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