Thursday, May 2, 2013

Immigration Reform Now!

Photo Courtesy: The Dream Is Now facebook page
May 1st has become the “it” day, when voices from across the country come together to march in support of a comprehensive immigration reform - local activists, supporters, and members of the community gathered around the country to show their support.

I was at the march in Oakland, and what I saw left me speechless. I remember the first march that I attended back in 2006, where thousands and thousands of people filled International Blvd. (One of the most traffic congested and iconic streets in Oakland.) After that year, and due to the opposition of both parties to support an immigration reform, the marches lost momentum.

However, what I witnessed today was moving beyond words. Not only were there Latinos marching with their signs, but the amount of supporters from other races was heart-felt. It is almost as if, what Latinos who support an immigration reform have been saying all along, finally resonated with others. Our broken immigration system affects us ALL – white, black, brown alike. The immigration “problem” is not longer just political; it affects the very essence of families who are suffering from the separation of family members being deported.

There were Caucasians, Filipinos, Black, holding signs, chanting along “what do we want? JUSTICE, when do we want it? NOW!” “Education, not deportation!” During the march, one thing was clear, more, and more people support the cause. It is no longer a “Mexican” issue, as many conservatives who are uneducated about the issue of immigration like to believe.

There were families all holding signs, little kids wearing butterfly wings, older people chanting as the march continued. One thing is true, all these people endured the hot weather for the same reason – our immigration system is broken. The gang of eight, congress and the senate must put their efforts together and finalize the path of citizenship for the estimated 11 million people who are undocumented. 

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