Thursday, July 18, 2013

I was here...I lived, I loved…I was here...

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This post is not intended to be about how Cory Monteith died of an overdose, his drug abuse or any of that, there are plenty of those repetitive posts floating around the internet.

I, like many of you out there, consider myself a “gleek.” From the very first episode, I was the girl glued to my TV every Tuesday (now Thursday) night, to follow the incredible & brilliantly written series. I remember falling in love with Finn, with his quirky, yet naive persona- like how he got Quinn “pregnant”, or how Mr. Schuester  bribed him to get into the glee club… And, who can forget during Regionals season 1, how him and Rachel killed that rendition of "Faithfully" & "Don’t Stop Believing"…oh man, I can write for hours about the many moments that made Finn the core of the show.

I was in total shock when I read the news, it had to be a joke, a hoax, and it simply couldn’t be true. And, here we are, according to reports, his body has already been cremated.

Call me crazy, but I have been listening to Glee music non-stop since Saturday night. I have been paying particular attention to certain songs, which at the time when they were first performed, were amazing, but, now have taken on a whole different meaning. I catch myself getting teary eyed as I sing along to each track, thinking how surreal it is that each of the specific tracks I am going to share with you, is about death, the farewell of a loved one, a goodbye. I simply cannot imagine how difficult it is going to be for the cast to go back to the set, heartbroken, devastated, and missing a crucial puzzle of their family.

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There were so many tweets that I came across with the hashtag #RIPCoryMonteith, some exaggerated, and perhaps out of line, and others sincere & heartfelt, and even the ones that although eerie, made perfect sense. Like the one from the scene when Finn presents Rachel with a star, or the very last scene from season 4 where he is on the phone with Rachel, or the saddest of them all, someone on twitter realized that the first song Cory ever performed as Finn was "Don’t Stop Believing", and how it was also his last… call it an ironic coincidence, at the end of the day it still makes us (his fans) extremely sad. 

Credits: @gleek

Credits: @gleek
It is unfortunate that it didn’t matter the fantastic and loving support behind him, ultimately, Cory simply could not overcome the demon that is being an addict.

Cory Monteith is gone, but his brief career lives on, generations from now, people will remember the show Glee, his character Finn, and the Finchel love story. 

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