Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reminiscing About Outside Lands

I have been meaning to share with you the shenanigans I got into while I was at Outside Lands. I was a guest blogger for Bitchin Kitchen, and got the opportunity to cover the music aspect of the show which you can check out here. You can also check out the review of all the tasty treats here, written by foodie Angelique Picanco.

Let’s just say that Outside Lands made me fall in love with music festivals all over again, the fact that I got to see Paul McCartney is absolutely mind blowing! I also got the chance to meet the guys of Phoenix, and had a fan girl moment when I saw none other than Fran Drescher as she made her way to pick up her wristband. Now, I typically never get star struck, but, the fact that I was obsessed with her show when I was younger, totally got me tongue tied when I saw her in person (she looks AMAZING by the way.)

I highly recommend that you go to Outside Lands, it was musically delicious! Some of my recommendations: think carefully on your transportation choice, while San Francisco has a vast amount when it comes to getting places (BART, MUNI, buses), when you add the sixty thousand plus souls at the festival, plus the average weekend commute, you will be in for a disaster. The shuttle pass offer alongside purchasing your ticket is a great option, driving is expensive & time consuming, and public transportation is not the best idea. Dress in layers! Layers are KEY! The Bay Area has quite an unpredictable weather, and while you might be hot during the day from all the drinking and walking around, once the nightfall hits, you will be cold, guarantee! Also, have cash in hand. While a lot of the vendors accept credit cards or even PayPal, some don’t, and the pesky fees from the ATM at the festival add up. Finally, plan ahead! Trust me on this one! You might want to see more than five acts every night, and it is just not logistically possible. Some of your favorites might be playing in opposite sides of the park, and from stage to stage is a solid ten minute walk.

And, just have a blast! You will certainly fall in love with Outside Lands & the Bay Area.

I’ll leave you with this photo gallery courtesy of photographer Adrian Jusue.

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