Friday, August 30, 2013

The Eccentric Café Tacvba

If there is one band that can sell out a venue even if the show is on a weekday, it is Café Tacvba. The band was here last August. This time around, the band opened the first date of the tour called El Objeto (The Object), at The Warfield. 
This year’s tour is focusing solely on promoting their latest CD “Objecto Antes Llamado Disco”, and the show was not a typical “Cafeta” ensemble.
The stage had a enormous white plastic tree, and for every song performed, there was a display of strobe lights, foam which looked like snow, and multicolor laser lights. This was quite a change for the band since they typically choose much more laid-back stage props.
The guys, and more specifically Ruben, were as eccentric as ever! For part of the show, Ruben was wearing a poncho-like with fringes, and a knitted hat. He addressed the audience multiple times, and the crowd went crazy! 

While the band focused on performing pretty much the latest album in its entirety, there were memorable moments when they performed classics such as Eres and Chilanga Banda (which everyone, absolutely everyone sang along to), or when they performed Dejate Caer, and the guys busted out the now famous choreography to the song.

The show felt quite short, it was over before 11:30PM, and the fans were left wanting more! I was able to overhear some people, talking about how they wished that the band would’ve played longer. That is the magic and draw that the band has, shows are never long enough, Café Tacvba is that great of a band.
The tour continues in Southern California, Texas, New York and will play its final stop in Puerto Rico – make sure to check out the their website for the dates, and pick up a copy of the album available on itunes & amazon.

Credits: Rogers And Cowan
Photo Credits: Adrian Jusue 

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