Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bangerz Tour – Oakland Edition

If a few years ago, someone would’ve told me that Hannah Montana would be out on a tour called Bangerz, and would slide out to the stage from a gigantic tongue… well, I would’ve laughed!

And yet, that is exactly what she did! The Oakland Arena witnessed all of Ms. Cyrus’ craziness, and whether you think she is a hot mess, or the next princess of pop, there is no denying that all of her antics from the past year are paying off – BIG TIME!

#BangerzTour Twerk
Photos Courtesy Of: @RRS415
Miley Cyrus brought along on tour her LA singer-songwriter pal Sky Ferreira, and Swedish Electro Pop duo Icona Pop (whose album This Is… is out now.)

During the Oakland show, there wasn’t a shortage of "OMG!!!" moments, from the gigantic screens with Miley's face plastered on them, her revealing outfits, the variety of what her dancers looked like. And, undeniable, the best part was Miley belting out "Landslide", and "Jolene." Miley has some vocal pipes, but, she knows that sex & controversy is what sells, and she is pulling off that card and taking full advantage.

And what a better way to continue on the controversy train, than to ride a gigantic hot dog, yeah, she sure did!

The Bangers tour continues tonight, and San Jose, get ready because you are next!

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