Saturday, April 5, 2014

Somos - Spain And Oakland Under One Roof

All Photos Courtesy Of: Claudia Guzman

Jarabe De Palo made a triumphant return to Oakland, and there was no better place for the band to introduce their new album Somos than The New Parish.

And with a sold-out crowd, Pau Donés and company made the crowd sing-along to classics such as "Depende", "Lado Oscuro", "Dejame Vivir", "Agua", "La Flaca", "Bonito." And, since the tour is promoting the new album, the fans got a first listen of songs such as "Hoy No Soy Yo", "Tu No Sabes Quien Soy", (my personal favorites), "Bala Perdida", "A Donde Vas", and many more. The concert went on well past midnight, and it was worth staying up late on a workday.

Prior to the show, I had the opportunity to chat with Pau Donés, we talked about the new album, the band’s almost two decades in the music industry, and much more.

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My interview (in Spanish) below, for more on Jarabe De Palo, check out the band’s twitter, website, or facebook. The album Somos is out now and you can find it on amazon & itunes.


Credits: Nacional Records

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