Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mindy Lahiri Is The New Carrie Bradshaw

"Guys don't break up with girls they secretly want to be with." - Mindy 

Let’s talk about the season finale of The Mindy Project for just a second. I was so excited for Mindy and her new love interest Charlie aka “I’m not a guy. I’m a man.” Charlie is exactly the MAN that Mindy needs – a caring, secure of himself and wise man. Sadly, during the season finale I was terribly disappointed, angry, sad, heck devastated!

Tim Daly, Mindy Kaling

How could Mindy have fallen for Danny Castellano AGAIN? He catfish her, he stood her up at the Empire State Building; he is selfish, controlling, and possessive! HOW?!?!?! WHY?!!?!?! Actually, I know why! For what seems to be FOREVER, tv shows, have led us women to believe that it is OK to forgive the jerk, that these men we tend to fall for will eventually get it, and they will want to be with us, full on, no hiding, no BS. But it is ALL A VILE LIE! It is! Let’s keep it one hundred percent real – we women usually fall for the sweet talk, and sadly (as a friend told me), we get “dicknotized.” Once these men whisper sweet things, what we want to hear, we automatically forget all the wrongdoing. It is frustrating and exhausting!

And, you see, Mindy did it, she fell for it. And back in the late 90s, and early 2000s Carrie Bradshaw did it too. She let go of wonderful, caring, sweet Aidan, and fell into Mr. Big’s lies. May I remind you all that HE LEFT HER THE DAY OF THE WEDDING! And, she forgave him!

I just don’t get it! Why do we (women) allow these situations to happen? And if you are reading this, and you say that you have never been in a similar situation, you are flat out lying! We have all done it. We let go of the “good guy,” the “silver fox,” only to go back to the guy who broke our hearts, the one afraid of commitment, the cheater, the liar. I mean, the list goes on!

TV shows make us believe that going back or staying with these men is OK! that, in an alternate universe, these men will change into the men we let go of – those we should have stayed with to begin with. Mindy Lahiri and Carrie Bradshaw have failed us! They were supposed to set the example for the rest of us, and not let us fall into the spiderweb of lies.

Instead, Carrie let go of perfect Aidan, and Mindy fell into the trap of Danny Castellano, and entirely shut out sexy silver fox aka Charlie.


 Photo Credits: The Mindy Project on FOX
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