Friday, July 25, 2014

Because If Yonce And HOVA Are Over…

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Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman / Life And Times

Then there is really no hope left for us single mere mortals.

The universal consensus amongst most of my single friends is that we look to "successful" relationships or marriages as a typical guide as to what we want in our own personal lives. Yes, sometimes those come our way via famous people (possibly a terrible example), while others come via other friends or family members.

A friend and I will be going to the On The Run Tour in two weeks, and we could not be more excited – sadly a gray cloud dumped on us a few days ago as rumors surfaced on how Jay-Z is "allegedly" cheating on Queen Bey with designer Rachel Roy (reason behind Solange going cray-cray on him at the Met Gala), and how he is also "supposedly" keeping singer Mya as his side chick. 

"They are just rumors Azu," says my friend. But, as with all high-profile couples, there is always some truth to the rumor mill.

I have always been fascinated with Beyonce and Jay-Z, not only as artists (their music have influenced the younger generation of up-and-coming artists), but their private life has also been fascinating as well. From the moment they started dating, their romance has been on the limelight, and they somehow managed to be coy about it, and that in itself has brought a mystery as to how, when, why, where their romantic and financial empire was built.

I mean, how can Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce? This is a legitimate question people! Aside from physical beauty, she is a savvy business woman, a devoted mother, family oriented, and quite the talented singer as we all know. As another friend told me, there could be a million possibilities as to why he is "cheating." Obviously, if true, we the ordinary folks will never really know.

And so, that begs the question – if someone as beautiful, smart and talented as Beyonce gets cheated on, what hope is there for us single "girl next door" women of the world? A few weeks ago I was telling my friend how over the moon I was to be going to the show, to see them both live, to literally breathe Yonce's air. In an alternate universe, I honestly believed that her and her amazing love story could bring some good "dating juju" (if you would) to my ill-fated and often pathetic dating life. 

I remember when I saw them both at Coachella in 2010, their rendition of "Forever Young" was short of pure magic. You could see their love magically transpire through their harmonious voices, the love was felt in the way he looked at her, and she looked at him. For the duration of that performance, I got a glimpse of what a real and legit love looked like. I was there, front row, being crushed by the masses who wanted to make it to the front of the stage and experience what I was feeling.

If they do split after the tour is over, then what? Sure, there is a lot of money at stake. They both have managed to build a joint empire of unimaginable proportions. But, aside from the financial aspect, there is a baby girl who will have to grow up with her parents being divorced (as someone coming from divorced parents, IT SUCKS!) 

And, for us single ladies who semi looked up to their fantasy-perfect relationship – our idea of love will be forever crushed. If them being successful, and so in love couldn't keep their marriage together. Then, the common folks are doomed! Relationships and marriages take time, understanding, communication and trust. The lack of one, two or all of the mentioned most definitely break a twosome.

One thing I know, in order to protect my already disastrous dating karma, the day of the concert I will be carrying my invisible oxygen tank which will be the perfect accessory to the HOT outfit I already plan on wearing - lord only knows that I don't need the bad "dating juju." In the words of the great poet Jay-Z… all I need in this life of sin is me, my friends and my hot outfit. 

Photo Credit: Yosra El-Essawy / Life And Times

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