Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Legacy Of Joan Sebastian - RIP

Photo Courtesy: Joan Sebastian facebook page

Joan Sebastian is not just any Mexican musician; he defined Mexican music. A singer-songwriter of his caliber would be one to win 5 Grammys (the most American Grammys by a Mexican artist) over 50 albums and innumerable songs.

His personal life was that of turmoil and tribulations, known for being a womanizer, but in countless interviews he would always talk about being enamored by women. And, those women in his life were the inspiration for many of his songs. He fathered eight children, two of the oldest gunned down four years apart.

Joan Sebastian had been battling cancer since 1999; he was a fighter, and as such he did not let this terrible disease bring him down. He fought till the very end, outliving any medical prediction. As a man of faith, he often referred to keeping the faith that he would win the battle.

Joan Sebastian was a fighter, a loving father, and a man of compassion who loved deeply. He loved his family, music, fans, fellow colleagues, and his town of Juliantla Guerrero. He loved his town so much that it was the place he chose to give his final breath.

He is the type of iconic artist that brings together a legion of fans. A grandma and mom can sing his songs, with as much passion and dedication as a younger counterpart. He was that bridge that brought together any generation gap.

His death leaves a void that no artist will ever be able to fill. Joan Sebastian was a rare gem, a singer-songwriter whose music will be remembered for generations to come. While his fans (myself included) mourn his absence and send prayers to his family, his music legacy is eternal.

I leave you with some of my favorite songs from his extensive collection.


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