Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parceros Together Under One Roof

Photo courtesy of Mauricio Gonzalez-Valois
There is something so delightful about attending a concert and feeling the great vibes from those present and also be pleasantly surprised at the humbleness of the artist performing.

I attended Juanes’ concert this past weekend for the “Parce Tour." It was in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium where Juanes’ fans from all different ethnicities gathered for this amazing show.

I patiently took my seat and became drawn to the stage; I could see a guy piling up small screens which showed faces from what I assumed were fans of Juanes. As I paid close attention (I am blind) I noticed that the guy was part of the screen and it was actually a video. 

The time came for the show to start and Spanish singer Antonio Orozco was in charge of opening the show. He played a short but harmonious acoustic set and which was well received by the audience.

When Juanes came on stage the crowd went wild! Colombian flags were waving all across the auditorium, fans screaming anxious to hear him sing. He opened the show with the song Yerbatero from his latest CD. He also sang classics from previous albums such as La Paga, Hoy Me Voy, La Vida Es Un Ratico, Para Tu Amor, La Camisa Negra, Mala Grente and so many other amazing songs from his repertoire. 

Photo Courtesy of Mauricio Gonzalez-Valois

Juanes took the time to address his fans and thank them for attending the show. He was humble and appreciative of all the people who love and relate to his music. He was especially excited to be in San Francisco since that amazing city gave birth to the song Fotografia (which features Nelly Furtado.) He also introduced the members of his band who have been with him from the very beginning of his solo career.

Right before the performance of the song Odio Por Amor, he addressed the disaster that happened in Japan and his heartfelt words echoed among all the attendees.

He closed out the concert with an encore of not one or two but fours songs. At the end of the concert he brought out his cell phone and recorded the crowd cheering for him which he later posted on twitter.

I was extremely pleased with the show, more artists should take notes from him. We have Juanes el “parcero” for a very long time. 

Credits: Rogers & Cowan / Another Planet Entertainment
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