Friday, August 24, 2012

Eclectic Sounds – August Edition

I often get emails, facebook messages and tweets asking me about what music I like to listen to- granted, I review all genres of music, but I suppose that people are curious to find out what I listen to on a daily basis.

I used to be obsessed with Pandora, and I mean obsessed! It used to play on my computer at the office all day (well, all 10-12 hours that I’m usually at the office anyway), and it would play at home on my TV on the weekends while I would clean my house. Then, one day Spotify came into my life, and I decided to take a break from Pandora (don’t get me wrong, Pandora is still my first love, but right now I am on the honeymoon stage with Spotify.)

What I listen to while I am at the office varies; I could go from listening to the entire Britney Spears music collection, to Indie radio, to non-stop Trey Songz. If a new CD is coming out, I usually listen to the entire thing on Spotify before deciding whether I will buy it or not. Other times, record labels are gracious enough to send me the CD before its release, and luckily I get a rare and precious actual CD which I end up playing in my car for months.

So, based on the multiple requests that I’ve gotten; I decided to put together a playlist for you my lovely readers to check out. Now, the songs on the playlist are NOT the only ones that I listen to, but, the list will give you an idea as to how eclectic my music taste actually is.  I will be putting together new playlists every few months so that you can all check out what I delight my ears with while I am at the office behind a desk reading emails, enjoy!

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