Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Timeless Café Tacvba

There are only a few bands that can outlast generational gaps of music and remain relevant, fresh, and loved by fans of all ages - Café Tacvba is able to go on timelessly.

I have been to the Fox Theater many, many times for different types of concerts, but I what saw on Thursday, August 9th, certainly left me speechless. As I was walking towards the venue, all I could see was a never ending line of people patiently waiting to be let into the Fox. The people in line were not there simply to attend a concert, but to make sure that they were up and close to Café Tacvba.

One would think that the band’s fan base is older, you know people in their late 30’s, maybe even in the late 40’s, but the band is just that timeless that their fans are pretty much a wide range of ages. I could see some teenagers, some early 20’s peeps and of course, the longtime fans well in their 40’s. When the band first came out in 1989, I was in kindergarten! And here I was stoked to see them live again for what seemed to be the 100th time.

Café Tacvba was starting their US tour, and they could not have picked a better city or better venue to kick off the first stop; accompanying this incredible show was Bang Data. You all already know my devoted love towards Bang Data. I cannot say enough how talented they are and how every single one of their shows feel as if I’m checking them out for the first time.


As usual, Bang Data kicked off what was going to be a spectacular show! Deuce Eclipse wearing a jacket that read “Nicaragua” pumped up the crowd. There were a lot of loyal fans and a lot of people who were checking their set out for the first time. As I was walking around the venue, I could hear people singing along the songs and others paying close attention to the set.


It was then time for Café Tacvba to take the stage; I was at awe when I saw Rubén Albarrán – it was as if time had not passed. He is aging extremely gracefully, or there is something magical about being part of such a kick-ass band that made him not age at all. He came on stage looking humble, and his gaze showed just how grateful he was to be on the stage surrounded by thousands of people. When Meme, Joselo, and Quique came on stage, the feeling of gratefulness grew even more. It was crazy to see how, despite their over 3 decades of being together and their international fame, they remain humble, friendly, and grateful towards their fans.

There was not a single song that the fans did not sing along to – even when the band sang their first single, De Este Lado De El Camino (from the new album which comes out in September titled "Lo Que Antes Se Llamaba Disco”) – fans were mumbling the song even if they didn’t know it completely.

The Fox Theater was filled; there wasn’t an empty corner or space, and there were people everywhere and all around the venue. The lucky fans who showed up early enough and waited in line outside rushed to the front of the stage, they didn’t care that they were being packed like sardines. All that mattered was the magical moment of seeing “Cafeta” up-close.

No Controles, Eres,  Chilanga Banda, La Chica Banda, Volver A Comenzar, Dejate Caer, El Baile Y El Salon, La Locomotora, Ingrata,
El Puñal y el Corazón – the repertoire of songs did not disappoint.  I can say from what I witnessed that night, that I was not the only one who felt as if they were seeing Café Tacvba for the very first time, the band is simply that magical and timeless.

Credits: Rogers & Cowan / Another Planet Entertainment
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