Thursday, January 31, 2013

Concert Season Kick-Off With MUSE!

Every January I feel extremely excited because that is the glorious moment when I start getting press releases about up-coming shows, or I get reminders about shows for which tickets went on sale months before, and are coming up.

My very first concert of 2013 was none other than Muse (one of my favorite bands in the history of blissful music.) The band was kicking of their The 2nd Law World Tour, and one of the Northern California shows was at the Oracle Arena in my hometown of Oakland.

I attended the show as a fan, I didn’t have to tweet about it, or take pictures. I was just there to enjoy the incredible show that Muse puts on every time they are on stage (the last time that I saw them was back in 2010 when they played at Coachella.)

If you have never seen them live, oh my! You are missing out! There is something extraordinary that happens when they go on stage. Take for instance the show in Oakland – Muse opened up the show with Matt Bellamy and a kick-ass instrumental rendition of the Star Spangled Banner (what band does that? MUSE! They do!)

The whole night was magical, colorful and musically mesmerizing – the way the stage was utilized, the lights, the screens, and how the band engaged with the fans. My only itty bitty complaint, they kept saying “San Francisco”, when the show took place in Oakland. While I understand that they are doing a world tour, and they are tired from playing numerous shows back to back. I think that the city where the show is taking place deserves respect and recognition. 

In all, the show did not disappoint! The guys played songs from pretty much ALL of their albums, here are some of the songs that were part of the repertoire for the night:
Origin Of Symmetry: “New Born”
Absolution: “Hysteria”, “Our Time Is Running Out”
Black Holes And Revelations: “Supermassive Blackhole”, “Starlight”, “Knights Of Cydonia”
The Resistance: “Uprising”, “Resistance”, “Undisclosed Desires”
The 2nd Law: “Madness”, “Follow Me”, “Panic Station”, “Unsustainable”, “Supremacy”

Photos Courtesy: Placebo1988

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