Sunday, December 30, 2012

Introducing: El Gavachillo – Listen Now, Thank Me Later

Photo Courtesy: Claudia Guzman

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a show at the Elbo Room in San Francisco, where Will Abers (Wil-Dog) from Ozomatli was set to perform. But this wasn’t an Ozomatli show, oh no it wasn’t, Wil-Dog was ready to take this stage as El Gavachillo.

Can you imagine Wil-Dog singing rancheras and norteñas? Well, he does, and quite well if I say so myself.  I had already seen El Gavachillo performed once before, and I became a fan! If you like the Regional Mexicano music genre, you must check out what he is doing as El Gavachillo.

Photo Courtesy: Claudia Guzman

The show at the Elbo Room was terrific, El Gavachillo played for a crowd that (for the most part) had never heard this kind of music. He brought along El Regimen Sinaloense (a local band from the Bay Area that I recently interviewed.) Even Caipo from Bang Data got in the mix and was on stage with El Gavachillo and the guys from El Regimen Sinaloense.

I sat down with El Gavachillo to talk about his project away from Ozomatli, check out everything we talked about, you can also visit El Gavachillo’s youtube page for more info on his music.

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